Minimises Waste
E-labelling is a great way to reduce unnecessary packaging waste. For most consumers the compliance statement that currently comes with a device is the last thing that they are interested in. In most cases, it simply gets thrown out.

As we demonstrate in the graphic below, even if you can fit 4 of these compliance statements onto a single A4 page - in one year alone, the paper saved in the EU alone would be equal in height to Mont Blanc - at just over 4800 meters tall.

E-labelling avoids such waste altogether, and in addition, also reduces the environmental costs of the engraving of compliance marks on the product itself.

E-labelling offers the ability to have all the relevant compliance marks within the device itself which are then always available.

For Post Market Surveillance Authorities, they can access the information in either of two ways. For an unopened product there would be a QR code or equivalent that would take the officer to the manufacturers website which then shows the same information as that displayed within the device. If an officer has an opened product then they have the option to check the e-label and/or use the QR code on the packaging.

The benefit to a single QR code on the package is that it would be the same for all countries, minimising additional country or market-specific packaging requirements - reducing waste further.

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