How does E-labelling work?
Electronic labelling (e-labelling) is the digital display of compliance logos and information that are required in a given country.

Rather than having printed logos on the product or included in the packaging itself, manufacturers make a section within the menu system of a device that displays all the compliance logos and information that is required. As the information is provided digitally, information can be provided for all countries where it is required - something that is difficult with the current system because of the variety of marks and information requirements needed for different markets.

E-labelling is already available in many devices today. For example, you can access the e-labels in smartphones as follows:
  • In Apple phones from Settings >> General >> Legal and Regulatory
  • In Android phones from Settings >>About Phone >> Regulatory labels
As a result of allowing them to be displayed in the device, they are always available and more accessible to all users as well as being a more environmentally responsible approach.